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Develop your understanding of the Spanish language and explore Spanish and Latin American culture with live online Spanish courses from Hola Spanish Centre.

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6 weeks
90 minute sessions


Once a week or
Twice a week

How it works

Live Zoom class

Course fee

Once a week: from $175
Twice a week: from $275

Our HOLA live online Spanish classes are one of the best ways to start learning Spanish or build upon what you already know.

Welcome to HOLA SPANISH CENTRE, a premier Spanish language school that promotes cross-cultural understanding between Canadians and Latin America. Our experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers provide top-quality online Spanish courses using HOLA Spanish books and resource materials. Learn Spanish in a fun and effective way with us!


Beginner B (twice a week) May-22 to Jun-26 Mon & Wed 5:45 PM to 7:15 PM
Int 2 + Conv (twice a week) Jun-03 to Jul-15 Mon & Wed 7:20 PM to 8:50 PM
Intermediate Conversation (once a week) Jun-03 to Jul-15 Mondays 7:20 PM to 8:50 PM


Course Prerequisites

If you have prior Spanish knowledge take our placement test to find out what Level you can take. If this is your first time learning Spanish, you may join Beginner 1 (once a week) or Beginner A (twice a week).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are these Spanish lessons online or in-person?

Our Spanish lessons are online. Our class calendar below show the available online classes for students taking Spanish classes in Montreal.

What are the course fees?
Course fees for classes once a Week:
Earlier: 165 - 1 month before course starting date
Early: 175 - 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 185
Course fees for classes twice a Week:
Earlier: 265 - 1 month before course starting date
Early: 275 - 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 285
Course fees for semi-intensive classes: (4 days a week)
Earlier: 325 - 1 month before course starting date
Early: 345 - 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 355
Course fees for super-intensive classes: (4 days a week)
Earlier: 615 - 1 month before course starting date
Early: 625 - 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 645
Are these classes live or are they pre-recorded videos?

Live. Our Spanish classes are live and they are conducted via Zoom. You will have a chance to ask your instructor questions while interacting with your classmates.

What is Zoom? How do you use Zoom? I have never used it before.

You will need Zoom to join the course; if you have never used Zoom before, do not worry; it is super easy and very user-friendly to use. Here is a link link to download it.

How can I find Spanish classes near me?

You've come to the right place. If you are looking for Spanish lessons in Montreal, you will see the calendar below that shows each course conveniently scheduled so you can join after work.

I’ve taken Spanish in the past so how do I know what my level is and what class should I sign up for?

We have a free placement test that you can complete online. Once you submit it, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate level for you. TAKE FREE SPANISH PLACEMENT TEST

How can I take Spanish lessons online?

First, find the course you want to take based on what is convenient for your schedule and the right level for you. If you are a complete beginner, take Beginner 1 once a week, or Beginner A twice a week. If you know some basics; please take our TAKE FREE SPANISH PLACEMENT TEST. Once you complete it, it will give you the best recommendation as to the most appropriate level for you.

Second, use the REGISTER link to enter your information and submit payment.

You are all set. You will receive an email with your receipt, course details and how to download the course materials. Save the date of your course on your calendar.

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