Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve taken Spanish in the past so how do I know what my level is and what class should I sign up for?

We have a free placement test that you can complete online. Once you submit it, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate level for you. Click here for placement test

The course I’d like to join is full

You can add your name to the Course Waitlist.

How big are your classes?

Very small, our class size usually averages between 8 to 10 students. That’s why we recommend you register early to secure your spot in the class.

Is there homework?

Our homework is optional. Because you are taking the initiative to learn Spanish, we give you the tools and it is up to you to take advantage.

Is there a book?

Yes, we provide you with our own Hola Spanish Centre work-book. On top of that, we will give you access to our online audio excercices, so you can practice at your own convenience.

How much are the classes?

Course fees for classes once a Week:

Earlier: 175 – 1 month before course starting date
Early: 185 – 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 195

Course fees for classes twice a Week:

Earlier: 275 – 1 month before course starting date
Early: 285 – 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 295

Course fees for semi-intensive classes: (4 days a week)

Earlier: 335 – 1 month before course starting date
Early: 355 – 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 375

Course fees for super-intensive classes: (4 days a week)

Earlier: 625 – 1 month before course starting date
Early: 635 – 1 week before course starting date
Regular: 665

Fees include materials, the Hola Spanish Centre workbook as well as access to online audio and video practice materials.
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How long are the group classes?

Each level is 6 weeks long – both the once a week classes and the twice a week classes. Semi-intensive and super-intensive are 4 weeks long.

How many levels do you offer?

We offer three levels for beginners, three levels for intermediate and three levels for advanced.

What does the class cover?

All our classes are focused in conversation. For details on the content of each class click here

Should I take once a week, twice a week or intensive classes?

It depends on your willingness to learn. If you want to take a more thorough course, we recommend you take classes twice a week as you will get more practice and more exposure. Classes once a week are great if you have a busy schedule as you will still learn a lot at a slower pace. If you are planning on traveling to Spanish speaking countries any time soon, or if you want to learn at a rapid rate, we recommend intensive classes.

How long will it take me to become fluent?

If you heard that you could learn Spanish in one month that’s simply not true. Learning a language is a long-term process, after all it did take you at least 2 or 3 years to learn your very first language. We don’t want to discourage you. We’ve seen some of our most committed students be able to hold conversations after 6 months.

You can gain very useful knowledge after one or two courses, but if you want to be able to hold your own, anyone should be able to master this beautiful language, especially if you adopt these simple habits:

Be consistent: it’s better to practice for 10 minutes each day than one hour every week. You can do more than 10 minutes, but being consistent so your brain can absorb and retain what you practice every day is more effective than practicing for one hour once a week.

Practice: If you have friends or relatives who speak Spanish, you have the perfect opportunity to practice and apply what you learn in class. If you don’t know anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish, we can help you connect with native speakers.

Commitment. If you take one course, you will learn a lot of useful information, if you take 2 courses, you will learn twice as much, and so on. When you take at least 3 courses; back-to-back, you will notice a tremendous improvement.

Momentum: The key is not to leave a long break between courses. Instead, keeping the momentum and taking the next level right away is a key factor in real progress. This is how you gain knowledge on top of what you just learned. If you loose the momentum, you can forget vocabulary, verb conjugation and so on. Set your goal, and go for it. We offer all levels and show you the path so you can reach your destination.

Have fun: if you ever feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and think of the reason why you decided to learn Spanish in the first place. Mix it up, watch movies, listen to Latin music, travel to Spanish speaking countries, take a class, meet Spanish speakers…

I’m planning on registering for a course but I can’t come for one of the sessions, can I make up that session?

Yes, students who miss a class may request a makeup session from one of our other classes, provided that you give us prior notice that you’ll miss the class, that there is space in the other session, and that the makeup session is done during the 6 week period of the original class you enrolled in. (We do not guarantee makeup sessions)