Hola for High School

Middle and High School Spanish Teachers

Our proven program and workbooks have successfully helped many students since our school was founded in 2008. We have been approached by other institutions requesting to use our materials. Initially, these resources were exclusive to our Hola Spanish Centre school. However, we soon realized they could greatly benefit secondary and high school students in their Spanish learning journey.

We are now pleased to offer our program, books, and materials for middle and high school Spanish teachers. This program is designed to complement and enhance your existing curriculum and facilitate your work as a teacher.

Our primary goal is to support students and teachers. To help you explore the benefits of our program, we invite you to request a complimentary copy to try out in your class. After experiencing its advantages, you can choose to formally integrate the Hola Spanish Centre program into your curriculum.

Request your copy HERE.

Book Features

Extra Space for Writing
Our workbooks prioritize ample white space, free from grammatical instructions or English translations, to help students focus better. Each workbook includes a full page of blank paper between the main pages, providing room for students to write notes or complete exercises, effectively turning the books into versatile notebooks.

hand writing on book

Listening Comprehension
In addition to dialogues for in-class group practice, our books feature QR codes embedded throughout key topics. These QR codes give students easy access to audio dialogues, allowing them to listen and fill in the blanks on homework pages.

Sample page of book with diologues

Teacher’s Guide
Each book comes with a comprehensive teacher’s guide, offering a framework and reference on how to best approach and teach particular topics. This guide provides valuable support for educators to effectively plan and deliver lessons.

Hola books

How It Works

Each student needs their own workbook, which parents can purchase directly through Amazon.

Once they receive their workbook, you, the teacher, will provide them with a unique password. This password, given to you, allows access to the online modules, enabling students to listen to dialogues and podcasts for extra practice at home or as assigned homework.

Our license includes access to the online modules that complement the workbook. Additionally, the license includes a teacher guidebook, which can be requested for reference on any of the activities or topics in the book.

The one-year license for up to 30 students costs $990. As a promotional offer, we are giving you free access to this content for six months. After this period, the cost of the license, should you choose to continue, is $495 for the following six months.