1- Full payment prior to class start.

2- Hola Spanish Centre reserves the right to discontinue or rearrange classes. A class will be canceled if enrollment proves insufficient. In such cases, students may request a transfer to another class or a full refund of fees paid.

3- We require notice of withdrawal from a course, by telephone or in person, at least THREE BUSINESS DAYS before the course begins. Upon giving proper notice, students will be assessed a service charge of $15 for refunds of course fees. By not giving a notice of at least three business days, your refund will be limited to 85% of the fee for the session.


4-  Students who have registered for a class may switch it to another class starting on a different date if space is available, provided that you give us a notice of at least THREE BUSINESS DAYS before the class you were originally registered for begins. By not giving proper notice, a fee of $15 will be charged. (Cancellation well before the class begins enables us to enroll from our waiting list.)


5- Students who miss a class may request a make up session from one of our other classes, provided that you give us prior notice that you'll miss the class, that there is space in the other session, and that the make up session in done during the 6 week period of the original class you enrolled in. (We do not guarantee make up sessions)

6- Students wishing to CANCEL THEIR ENROLMENT AFTER THEIR SESSION STARTS MUST DO SO  WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THEIR FIRST CLASS in order to receive a refund. This REFUND WILL BE LIMITED TO 85% OF THE FEE for the session. (Cancellation well before the second class enables us to enroll from our waiting list and offer the incoming students a fee reflecting the missed first class)